Prism Education Group
Cherry Hill, NJ

Prism Education Group operates four postsecondary schools in the Philadelphia area with a focus on allied health programs. The company's services address the critical shortage of allied health professionals by improving access to career-oriented education and vocational training. Prismís schools offer degrees at the diploma and associate levels for students seeking healthcare as a first career. Arlin Schmidt serves as Chairman and CEO of the company.

Vantage Oncology
Manhattan Beach, CA

Vantage Oncology develops, acquires, and operates high quality radiation oncology treatment centers for the treatment of cancer patients. More than 50% of all cancer patients require radiation during the course of their disease. Vantage's centers provide access to significant new technologies used in the provision of radiation therapy and offer outpatient service in convenient locations. Mike Fiore is CEO of the company.

San Diego, CA

VeriCare is the largest national provider of behavioral health services to patients in skilled nursing facilities. By many accounts, as many as 40% of patients in these facilities suffer from a behavioral health disorder such as depression, anxiety, or dementia and are often unserved or under-served by local, office-based practitioners. These disorders can lead to a general deterioration in patient condition and also act as an impediment to recuperation from acute medical episodes. Cindy Watson is President and CEO of the Company.