For Immediate Release
Northern Arizona Tumor Institute Opens Its Doors To Chino Valley

Chino Valley’s Newest Cancer Center to Provide Local Patients Access to Today’s Most Innovative Medical and Radiation Oncology Services

CHINO VALLEY, AZ. – In efforts to provide local patients access to today’s most advanced cancer care, Northern Arizona Tumor Institute (NATI) has announced that it will open its third new community based center in January, 2009. The cancer center is located at 87 South Highway 89 in Chino Valley, AZ. Dr. Dhirendra J. Patel, Medical Director and founder of NATI’s centers and Dr. Vinod H. Shah will provide state-of-the-art radiation oncology services and Dr. Mukund V. Patel will provide medical oncology and hematology. The new center’s advanced information technologies and management expertise allows Drs. Patel and Shah and their highly skilled clinical team to efficiently provide optimal patient care in a comfortable environment.

NATI comprehensive cancer care centers have been providing advanced medical and radiation oncology services in Prescott and Prescott Valley for over 22 years. They now have extended these services to Chino Valley. Since 1986, the centers have been dedicated to providing cancer patients with the finest possible care with their highly experience and compassionate team. Understanding that cancer treatment can take an emotional and physical toll on patients and their families, the new center has been designed to provide the most comfortable environment possible.

The NATI centers treat patients with the Varian 6eX and the Varian 2100C dual photon linear accelerators with multiple electron energies. They use the GE Computed Tomography (CT) Simulator and Varian Ximatron Simulator with fluoroscopic guidance for precise anatomical treatment set-up. These advanced linear accelerators enable the centers to offer the most sophisticated forms of radiation therapy such as Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT). IMRT is a computer-based method of planning for and delivery of non-uniform intensities of radiation beams. It allows the delivery of higher doses of targeted radiation to the tumor sites, while avoiding critical structures and limiting complications and side effects to the patients.

NATI’s Medical Oncology Department offers FDA-approved university-standard chemotherapy protocols as well as an experienced multidisciplinary team including an oncology certified nurse. The center prides itself on its coordinated patient care with primary care physicians, surgeons, specialists, home-health agencies, I.V. infusion companies and hospice care. Education, support groups and treatment information is also available for patients and their families.

“The new technologies such as IMRT aid the physician in delivering higher doses of radiation therapy to tumors with fewer complications and less immediate and long-term side effects,” said Dr. Patel. “With a coordinated multidisciplinary approach of chemotherapy and radiation therapy available under one roof, patients optimize their treatment with the added convenience of a local center.”