For Immediate Release
Symed Behavioral Medicine Joins Vericare

November 1, 2010 – San Diego, CA - Vericare announced today that Symed Behavioral Medicine, located in Memphis, Tennessee, has joined the Vericare group of behavioral health companies providing services to residents of skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. Symed has been providing behavioral health care to this sector for nearly ten years and delivers care to facilities in Tennessee, North Carolina and California. This affiliation substantially increases Vericare’s annual service revenues, facilities served and provider staff, as well as the company ’s coverage in the dynamic California market.

The transaction is another important strategic development for Vericare and is the company’s second such transaction in 18 months. In May, 2009, the Rossi Psychological Group, located in Somerville, New Jersey, joined the growing list of Vericare-affiliated companies, giving Vericare a much broader presence in the Northeast.

Vericare is the lead entity in a group of affiliated companies providing quality behavioral health care to seniors in nursing homes and residential settings through a team of psychologists, psychiatrists, licensed clinical social workers and nurse practitioners.